Concrete by nature is abrasive and varies in hardness. It is a simple building material made up of cement, water, a little aggregate, and steel. Over time, concrete crystalizes which makes it become harder and more brittle. In addition to hardening as it ages, concreate companies between the 1920’s-1960s used sharp aggregates made of granite rock and/or river pebble to make it sturdier. Now and in more recent years, concrete companies have been using smoother-shaped pebble which is less abrasive on diamond wire. However, most demolition projects are bridges, stadiums, and dams build prior to 1960, which requires a strong, sturdy, well-performing diamond wire to cut its hard and sharp concrete and steel.

WireCom specializes solely in diamond wire that cuts concrete, steel and granite. No matter the density or age, we have the formula for you. Trust our experts and diamond wire for your next wire sawing demolish project.

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